The Synergy Journal seeks to publish the world’s premier undergraduate and lower graduate work pertaining to the study of contemporary Asia, specifically on the current political, historical, societal, and/or economic developments in the Asia region. Submissions are open to all individuals within the scholarly community around the world, with preference given to rigorous undergraduate and lower graduate submissions. Synergy is currently listed with the Library and Archives Canada.

Types of Accepted Submission
Synergy: The Journal of Contemporary Asian Studies accepts academic scholarly contributions in the following categories:

  • Academic Articles should present moderate original academic research. The accepted language of the academic article is English.
  • Original Photography should present original photography work from the individual photographer.

Academic Articles
Academic Articles should be 1500-3000 words in length. Longer article submissions (longer than 3000 words) are also considered depending on the popularity of the subject content, level of academic rigour of the content, and the availability of editors to review and edit the content on the Synergy Editorial Committee.

Please include the following materials along with the paper submission:

  • Author Bio
  • Title
  • Abstract (200 words) and Keywords (4/5 primary keywords)
  • Reference List
  • Citations in MLA 7th Edition (footnotes)

Original Photography
Please provide your submissions as a high-resolution JPEG file(s). You may compress files into a zip folder for submission convenience.

In addition, please take note of below format for a complete image credit line, which you need to submit along with your image file on a separate document file within the original submission.

Short description with relevance to your submission | Image: Name of Source/Institution

Example: Lecture on South Asia’s identity politics | Image: Asian Institute, University of Toronto


It is the responsibility of the individual authors to follow the correct citation format as required by Synergy. The citation format currently employed by Synergy is MLA 7th Edition. Please use the footnote citation format as oppose to the in-text citation format and provide a reference list at the end.

Submission Process
Please send submissions to as attachments in MS Word format for written submissions (Academic Articles or Book Reviews) or JPEG format for Original Photography, with all identifying information such as contributor(s) names and institutional affiliation(s) removed from the document for the purposes of anonymous review by editors.

For each submission, please name your email subject line as “Synergy Submission – [region of focus], [type of submission], [last name]”.

Please include the following in the body of the email:

  • Corresponding Contributor and full contact information (name, institutional affiliation and the country of origin, mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address);
  • Additional contributors with institutional affiliation and the country of origin;
  • Specify type of submission (academic article, book review, photography);
  • A brief (1—2 sentences) biographical note for each contributor to be included in the publication (applies to all type of submissions);
    • For academic articles, please include a title and an abstract of 200 words max with 4-5 primary keywords that best suit the subject content;
    • For photography, please include a title and caption of 30—40 words describing your work;
  • Any additional comments maybe included at the discretion of the individual corresponding contributor.

If you have any questions towards submission, please send them to