Synergy: The Journal of Contemporary Asian Studies is an academic journal with a regional focus on East, Southeast, and South Asia founded at the Asian Institute of University of Toronto. Synergy Journal is envisioned as a platform for the celebration of Asia in both its collectivist historical past and its current geopolitical cooperation within the region. The goal of the journal is to stimulate and generate vibrant academic discussions on the current political, historical, societal, and/or economic developments in the Asia region. The journal regularly publishes academic submissions in terms of Academic Articles, Book Reviews, and Original Photography, editorial written contents such as op-eds, current event report, and academic event coverage of on-campus University of Toronto events, as well as organize academic events throughout the year that centre on Asia’s rising prominence and economic growth in the recent decade. Synergy Journal publishes online contents throughout the year and then selectively compile them into a print publication at the end of each academic year.

The Synergy Journal is currently listed with the Library and Archives Canada. The ISSN numbers for both print and online editions of the journal are as follows:

ISSN 2369-8209
Key title: Synergy (Toronto. 2015. Print)
Variant title: Journal of contemporary Asian studies

ISSN 2369-8217
Key title: Synergy (Toronto. 2015. Online)
Variant title: Journal of contemporary Asian studies

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