Doklam: Prelude to the Clash in South-Asia

January 8, 2018

India and China are the rising economic and military powerhouses of the century. Not only do they have the largest populations in the world, they are also nuclear powers possessing great destructive military might. The […]

Rohingyas: Their Impossible Past and Present

January 2, 2018

Abstract The Rohingyas have been variously seen as the “most persecuted minority in the world,” and the “most friendless people on the earth”. Their latest exodus out of Myanmar, ostensibly at the behest of Myanmar’s […]

Singapore’s Free Speech

January 1, 2018

Global media outlets have been quick to report the ongoing internal feud occurring at the highest levels of Singapore’s government. After making a Facebook post condemning the highly restrictive conditions that have historically constrained people’s […]