Call for Event Committee Applications

Synergy: The Journal of Contemporary Asian Studies is now accepting applications for its Event Committee. The Synergy Journal is an undergraduate academic journal with a region focus on East, Southeast, and South Asia founded at the Asian Institute of University of Toronto. The Event Committee of the Synergy Journal is assigned with the mandate of organizing and executing academic seminars and conferences throughout the year that are oriented towards the regional focus of Asia. Successful candidates will be working closely with Synergy Journal’s Core Editorial Team. The positions available for this round of application are as follows:

Director of Secretarial Affairs (1)
The Director of Secretarial Affairs is responsible for maintaining committee meeting records and agenda reviews after meetings as well as responsible for all administrative documentation within the Synergy Journal’s Event Committee. The Director of Secretarial Affairs is responsible for:

  • Taking all meeting minutes (also expected to attend all meetings) and diligently upload the meeting minutes onto Facebook group and through email within 1 day of the meeting
  • Preparing promotional description for all events (in charge of any press releases for Synergy Journal’s events)
  • Compiling monthly email listserv items to send out to members of Synergy Journal
  • Creating Google forms for all future executive/assistant hiring

Director of Public Relations (1)
The Director of Public Relations is responsible for establishing all external working relationships between the Synergy Journal and external parties on-campus to promote all Synergy Journal’s events through external networks. The Director of Public Relations is responsible for:

  • Providing communication networks between Synergy Journal and all external parties on-campus (secure partnerships and collaborations for events)
  • Compiling a list of all relevant courses for in-class promotions and managing class visits within Synergy Journal’s Event Committee
  • Promoting all events through official University of Toronto departments listservs

Director of Media Relations (1)
The Director of Media Relations is responsible for ensuring that all Synergy Journal’s events obtain appropriate media coverage and publicity in the community. They will work closely to maintain and update Synergy Journal’s public online presence. The Director of Media Relations is responsible for:

  • Acting as the primary photographer for all events (expected to show up to all events)
  • Working closely within the Event Committee to schedule a variety of photo shoots for Synergy Journal team and events throughout the year
  • Regularly contact news outlet and act as the official external contact to schedule public press releases for Synergy Journal’s events

Director of Marketing (1)
The Director of Marketing is responsible for marketing all Synergy Journal’s events to Synergy members and the public, especially in the creation of promotional materials. The Director of Marketing is responsible for:

  • Designing all creative promotional materials (posters, advertisements, pamphlets etc.)
  • Creating, updating, and managing Synergy Journal’s branding and overall image
  • Creating and updating marketing strategies for Synergy Journal and its events on a regular basis

Executive Associate (1)
The Executive Associate is expected to assist with duties of the Synergy Journal Event Committee as seen fit. The Executive Associate must be willing to:

  • Act as the secondary meeting minutes taker
  • Act as the secondary photographer
  • Assist Editor-in-Chief with the general management of the Event Committee
  • Assist with all other executive duties as required

The Synergy Journal Event Committee is open to all interested candidates within the Faculty of Arts & Science. All candidate must demonstrate strong interest and academic knowledge of the Asia region and is willing to work in an interdisciplinary environment.

Application Process
Please submit all 2 items listed below to, with the subject line “Synergy Journal Event Committee Application” by midnight December 6th, 2015. Requests for interviews will be sent shortly after to determine your placement.

    1. Resume (PDF or Word file) – highlighting your relevant past experiences and assets tailoring towards the position that you are applying
    2. Answer to the questions listed below (in a separate PDF or Word attachment)


    1. Why would you like to join Synergy Journal’s Event Committee? (100 words max)
    2. Please state the position that you are applying for. What are you envisioning to accomplish during your term in the position of your interest? (200 words max)

Please direct all questions about the Event Committee and/or the Journal operation to

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